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A bit about this site

DjangoPaths is built with the wonderful Wagtail library using the Python-based Django web framework. As a developer that relies on (and is enamored with) these tools, this blog serves as a way for me to document some of my own experiences and share them with others.

Professionally, I am the sole developer of in-house software and both private and public web applications for Thermaline, a manufacturer of heat exchangers for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, and oil industries. In attempting to overcome the challenges of this engineer-to-order industry, the tools I have designed and built do everything from automation of technical drawings to physical modelling of equipment. Currently, Thermaline is building a customer portal that allows customers to directly access hundreds of thousands of pre-engineered scenarios across multiple product lines, view specifications and drawings, build custom proposals for end users, and order online either directly from our factory or through our network of distributors.

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In addition to building web and in-house applications and systems for Thermaline, I'm on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. Let's talk!

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